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Warum machen wir das?

Unsere Vision ist es, ein Umfeld zu schaffen, in dem sich Künstler ruhig und kreativ ausdrücken, miteinander kommunizieren und aktiv an Projekten teilnehmen können.
Warum machen wir das? Weil wir an die Kraft der Musik glauben, weil wir wissen, dass Kunst ein Dialog ist.

Chi siamo : La nostra visione


Die Erfahrung, die in die Zukunft schaut

Das 2005 unter dem Namen Kafer Records in Rom gegründete Studio zog 2016 nach Österreich. Die Colosseum Sound Factory brachte die Klänge und Worte vieler "Champions" der internationalen Musik hervor.
Aber wir hören nicht gerne auf und betrachten die Vergangenheit.
Während wir die Wurzeln unserer großartigen Erfahrung versenken, blicken wir direkt in die Zukunft, auf die neuen Projekte, auf die großartigen Werke, die noch nicht das Licht der Welt erblickt haben.
Komm heute zu uns und besuche das Studio, du könntest in unserer Zukunft sein.

Chi siamo : Chi siamo


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Möchten Sie unserem Team ein paar Fragen stellen? Senden Sie eine E-Mail


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Möchten Sie unserem Team ein paar Fragen stellen? Senden Sie eine E-Mail

Chi siamo : Lo staff dello studio

Marco Adami was born in Rome the 15th of march 1976. He studied classical guitar at the
conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome. He studied literature and philosophy at the
Sapienza University of Rome. He studied composition with M. Bruno Zambrini, that was
also his first producer and publisher.
In 1995 he had his first publication on a cd with a song for the singer Fabrizio Pieraccini.
In 1996 he reached a big success as a singer with the hit single "Canzone per la mia ex
ragazza". From his cd "colpo di fulmine", published by BMG, were exctrated 3 singles. He
made a big tour in Italy and performed in the most important tv and radio shows.
In 1997 he reached the second position at the international star music festival in
Montecarlo with the song "E' si o no".
In 1998 the songs "canzone per la mia ex ragazza" and "É si o no" were included in the
soundtrack of the successful movie "Cucciolo".
In 1998 and 1999 he released two singles that were played in the most important radio in
In 2000 he rescinded the contract with BMG and worked as songwriter and arranger, for
singers, tv shows and cinema soundtracks.
In 2004 he played in two important concerts of classical guitar in Jerusalem and
In 2005 he founded the Kafer Records Company, label and recording studio in Rome. He
produced several Singer and bands, as the tenor Massimiliano Drapello, the rock band
Wasthead (n.10 in the itunes chart), Primaluce etc. He produced many dance songs for
the most important dance compilations in Italy, as "hit mania" and "Eurodance". In the
following years, as songwriter and arranger he worked with many important international
artists, as Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet), Michael Bolton, Corona, Ice Mc, Marco Masini,
Patty Pravo, Amedeo Minghi, Noemi,,Lino Rufo, Ernesto Bassignano,, Francesco
Pannofino, Luisa Corna, Geoff Westley, Don Byron, Steven Bernstein, Nada, Farias,
Fabrizio Bosso and many many others.
In 2011 he Co-founded in London “Ilessons LTD”, a society that produce multimedial
lessons for musicians in ibook format.
In 2012 he won the italian "Golden globe" with the song "com'è bello far l'amore" sung by
the super star Patty Pravo in the homonym successful movie.
In 2015 he moved to live in Austria with his wife Marcella, and in november his first
daugther Giulia was born.
He wrote the music for the tv show “italian diary” for Rai tv.

In 2016 his song " la borsa di una donna" sung by the famous singer Noemi was in the
prestigious "Festival di Sanremo" and became a big success.
He arranged the soundtrack for the documentary “AstroSamantha” by Fabio Mandarà.
In 2017 he opened with his wife Marcella the “Colosseum Sound Factory” recording and
photo studio in Rankweil Austria. They had as guests german stars as Roberto Blanco and
Graziano, the grammy awards winner Al Walser, the well known swiss singer
Natacha, and many other artists. .
In 2018 he worked on many projects for italian artists as “Nova musica romana” by Emy
Persiani, the young singer Evaluna, the dance singer from Hamburg Armin K project .He
produced 4 singles for the well known Austrian singer Wolfgang Frank, the folk rock singer
Mario Rudigier and many others.
In 2019 he has produced a new Cd for the american Jazz singer Rhina Restrepo and he
arranged for the Austrian Legend Gustl Grabher.
In 2020 he Is the author of 3 new songs for the movie “La mia banda suona il pop” by the
top director Fausto Brizzi, with superstar actors Christian De Sica, Diego Abatantuono,
Massimo Ghini and Angela Finocchiaro, coming out in the Cinema in February 2020.
He is the author of 2 songs for the Corean Star Choi Sung Soo Hwang coming soon

Marcella D'Angelo Adami was born in Gela, Sicily, the 8 th of July 1976.
After the studies in the State School, she moved to Austria in 1998.
In 2000 her first son Gerhard was born and in the 2003 the second son Matteo was born.
In that period she started the modeling career in Austria and Switzerland and she also started to
study the photographic techniques.
In 2008 she won the third price of the modeling contest “queen of the snow” in Austria.
She made for 2 years promotions for brands as Corona, Movida Corona, Coors light, Astrella and
Rich prosecco.
She was testimonial for several brands as Tom Taylor, Fussl, Stroehle, Panto, Leder Walser and
She also designed for the brand “Shirt Fabrik” a series of characters for a line of t-shirts.
In 2014 she starded to work with his husband, the italian composer and producer Marco Adami,
with which she opened the Colosseum Sound Factory recording and photo studio in Rankweil,
Austria. In 2015 her daughter Giulia was born.
She is the business manager of the studio and she's also the official photographer and video maker.
As photographer and video maker she worked with several important artist as Francesco Pannofino,
Lino Rufo, Shard, Musik Apostel, Gustl Grabher, Rhina Restrepo, Wolfgang Frank, Mario Rudigier,
Rita Ciancio, Armin K and Many others.
In 2020 she is the co-author of the song Semplicemente complicata, wich is in the sountrack of the
movie “La mia banda suona il pop” by the italian director Fausto Brizzi. The german version of this
song will be released by the german schlager star Roberto Blanco.







0043660 3870414

Langgasse 114, 6830 Rankweil, Austria

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